Infographics visualise data, information and knowledge in a simple way, conveying key messages and ideas to your audience.

Graphics, such as charts, maps and icons, enhance the impact of information, as well as making it easier to understand.

JONO Design creates infographics that reveal what is important, helping to intepret data and getting across what you want to say.

Examples of infographic design projects

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Daily Walking

More than half of people living in large urban areas of Scotland go for a walk at least five times a week.

This infographic illustrates that 4 out 5 people would walk more if there were more public greenspaces close to where they live. Therefore, access to greenspaces should be seen as an important element in encouraging healthier lifestyles.

daily walking infographic

Parks Budgets Recovery?

The amount spent on parks by Scottish councils has been falling for a decade.

This infographic shows an upward trend in the last couple of years. But does this indicate the green shoots of recovery in the longer term?

The design uses colour to illustrate the change in direction of funding for parks.

parks budgets recovery infographic

The Shipping Forecast

This infographic marks 100 years of the forecast being broadcast on the radio, 1924-2024.

The named shipping areas are illustrated in the seas around the British Isles.

The design evokes a 'newspaper' style, using a limited colour palette and large type.

the shipping forecast infographic

Species Decline

Almost half of the wildlife species in Scotland are in decline, as illustrated in this infographic.

Each dot on the infographic represents one of 398 species, which have been monitored over a 10-year period.

species decline infographic

Debating Open Space

The infographic visualises the frequency of references to 'open space' and 'green space' made in the House of Commoms between 1820 and 2020.

The 'hotter' the colour, the higher the number of references that occur in a given year.

debating open space infographic

Forty Infographics

Each issue of JONO Design e-news has included a brand new infographic.

This infographic is the 40th to be published, and illustrates the variety of ways – from maps, to charts and diagrams – that JONO Design has used infographics to visualise data and information and tell a story.

forty infographics

Falkirk Greenway

The Falkirk Greenway is a concept for a new route for pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users.

The infographic illustrates that the new route would link visitor attractions to the town centre, creating new greenspaces and new green infrastructure through the urban environment.

Falkirk Greenway infographic

Plastics on the Menu

Tiny plastic particles pollute our environment and end up in the water and food that we eat.

The infographic illlustrates that each week we eat an amount of plastic equivalent to a credit card!

plastics on the menu infographic

Natural & Cultural Heritage Fund Map

To design a map showing the location of projects supported by the fund, for display in a pull-up banner.

The design uses a stylised relief map of Scotland set against a bold colour background. Numbered map markers indicate where the projects are located, and a key shows the name of each project.

NCHF projects map
NCHF projects map banner

How Green are Town Centres?

Town centres are at the heart of our urban areas. However, they are undergoing a period of change and green infrastructure has a role to play in creating sustainable and attractive centres for the future.

The infographic demonstrates how green the centres are of the six most populated cities and large towns in Scotland.

how green are town centres infographic

Isometric Drawing Rules

Isometric drawing is one method for creating 3D pictures in 2D. The technique is used to create everything from flatpack furniture instructions to graphic illustrations.

The infographic illustrates the three basic rules for creating isometric drawings, and also provides three tips to getting started.

isometric drawing rules infographic

Urban Green Network Quality

A network of greenspaces (a green infrastructure) is widely accepted as integral to sustainable development. However, it can be difficult to translate the concept into policies that deliver a network that is of good quality.

The infographic highlights six principles that are important in understanding what makes a good quality urban green network as a whole.

urban green network quality infographic

Growing a Green Economy

Horticulture skills are important for our economy and for ensuring the quality of urban greenspaces.

The infographic uses a cheerful, illustrative style to illustrate four ways that the ornamental horticultural and landscaping services sector contributes economic, social and environmental benefits.

growing a green economy infographic

Falkirk Canal -

Flotilla 200 Event

Scottish Waterways for All asked for permission to use the 'Falkirk Canal Anniversaries' infographic to promote the Flotilla 200 events marking the 200th anniversary of the Union Canal.

The infographic appeared on the back page of the events programme and on social media platforms.

Flotilla 200 Events Programme

Falkirk Canal Anniversaries

This infographic celebrates the 200th anniversary of the Union Canal and the 20th anniversary of the Falkirk Wheel.

The major engineering marvels that are the Falkirk Tunnel, Avon Aqueduct and the Falkirk Wheel are highlighted in the infographic - all of which can be found in Falkirk and the surrounding area.

Falkirk canal anniversaries infographic

Greenspace Funding guest blog

greenspace scotland invited JONO Design to write a guest blog around the 'Greenspace Funding' infographic to highlight the issue of managing and maintaining parks and open spaces.

A banner and a letterbox version of the infographic was provided for greenspace scotland to use on their website, social media and e-newsletter.

greenspace scotland guest blog

Greenspace Funding

Greenspaces are getting busier, while funding is in decline. This infographic asks whether the amount of funding for greenspace is adequate.

The design uses jigsaw shapes to illustrate the need to properly fund public greenspaces so that they are good quality community resources that people can enjoy.

greenspace funding infographic

UK National Parks

There are 15 National Parks in Britain. This infographic compares the parks against size, highest point, length of walking routes and population density.

The design uses simple bar charts, but orientates them around the edge to create a dynamic and interesting graphic. Each park is denoted by a different colour to allow easy recognition.

UK National Parks infographic

River Habitat Restoration

To design an infographic that illustrates the work of the River Dee Trust to improve the health of salmon through restoring the river habitat. Improving the habitat will also significantly benefit the wider ecosystem and people.

The design of the river evokes moving water. Icons identify the benefits to salmon that the restoration activities will provide.

river habitat restoration infographic


To design six infographics for NatureScot to use on social media that illustrate key facts about pollinators.

Each infographic displays data using icons that respresent quantities, and shapes that are proportional in size to illustrate differences. The use of colours, font and icons creates a consistent design style.

world pollinator species infographic
Scottish bee species infographic
tomato pollination infographic
pollen collection infographic
plant nectar provision infographic
honeybee colony infographic

Promoting an Active Environment

To design an infographic that illustrates the impact of the work done by Paths for All's Active Environment Team.

The design of the infographic applies the client's brand style, colours and font. The graphic elements demonstrate: the added value of grants; the work with communities; engagement activites; and the results of social media campaigns.

active environment impact infographic

Festival of Britain

The 1951 Festival of Britain showcased the best of British design and industry, and provided a morale boost in the post-war period.

The infographic illustrates the exhibitions and travelling displays that took place in cities all across the country. It is thought that around half of the population participated in the festival in some way.

Festival of Britain infographic

Green Heat in Greenspaces

To design 15 infographics that illustrate the potential for low carbon renewable heat sources to heat almost 80% of homes in urban Scotland.

The infographics display data at the national, regional or local authority level. Doughnut charts illustrate the gap between the existing and potential supply of heat from ground and water sources.

green heat in greenspaces - Scotland infographic
green heat in greenspaces - Glasgow infographic

Species on the Edge

To design 3 infographics to illustrate the objectives, public engagement and project areas of the initiative, which aims to encourage more people into conservation.

The colours and wave design reflect the coastal nature of the projects. The design conveys a bright friendly feel. Colours and elements are shared across the images to tie them together as a set.

species on the edge - priorities infographic
species on the edge - engagement infographic
species on the edge - projects infographic

Microplastics from Tyre Wear

Tyre wear is a major contributor of microplastics that pollute our environment.

The animated infographic illustrates the scale of the problem. Rivers appear to be particularly at risk of pollution from this source, with consequences for water and habitat quality.

microplastics from tyre wear infographic

Climate Changing Cities

Visualising the effects of climate change can illustrate how it will affect people's lives.

The infographic shows what the climate of European cities could feel like in 30 years time, a period when average temperatures are expected to rise significantly.

climate changing cities infographic

Marine Planning Regions

This infographic compares the surface area of sea and the length of coastline included in each of the 11 Scottish Marine Planning Areas.

The Outer Hebrides Marine Region is the largest, with almost a quarter of the total area of sea and a fifth of the Scottish coastline.

marine planning regions infographic

Why Choose JONO Design?

This infographic illustrates what it is like working with JONO Design, using feedback from our clients.

You can expect great customer service, creative design solutions and high-quality results.

why choose JONO Design infographic

Britain's Busy Bees

This infographic illustrates the number of bee species found in Britain and highlights their importance as pollinators.

The infographic also demonstrates the scale of British beekeeping and natural honey production, which is small compared to the European average.

Britain's busy bees infographic

Open Space Strategies

Strategies are key to improving our understanding of open space - its amount, quality, accessibility and functions. They identify where improvements can be made.

The infographic provides a snapshot of the coverage of Strategies across the 32 Scottish councils.

open space strategies infographic

Longest Scottish Rivers

Scotland's twenty longest rivers that flow into the sea are depicted in this infographic.

The catchment area and length of each of the rivers is shown. The River Tay is Scotland's longest river and it also has the largest catchment area.

longest Scottish rivers infographic

City Parks Worldwide

Parks are an important feature of urban areas.

The infographic illustrates the amount of publicly accessible greenspace in relation to population for a variety of cities around the world.

city parks worldwide infographic

Historic Buildings in Danger

Historic buildings that fall into disuse and disrepair are at risk of being lost if they are not restored.

The infographic highlights where buildings of historic or architectural interest in Scotland are in danger of being demolished.

Historic buildings in danger infographic

Open Space and Community Plans

Community Plans set high-level priorities for each of the Scottish local authority areas.

Open space is an important part of the places where we live. The infographic highlights how Plans have taken aspects of open space into account.

open space and community plans infographic

Green Infrastructure Fund Projects Infographic Poster

To design a text-based A2 poster to highlight the aims and benefits of projects being funded by the programme.

The poster uses the client's corporate colours in a Bauhaus-inspired design adapted from a previous infographic (see below). Developing an existing design is a cost-effective way of creating a new infographic.

gi poster infographic
gi poster infographic

Access to Greenspace

Providing greenspace close to people's homes is an important indicator of the quality of an urban area as a place to live.

The infographic illustrates the number of people in the UK that live more than a 10-minute walk from greenspace.

access to greenspace infographic

Improving Agri-environment Schemes

Agri-environment schemes encourage farmers to adopt environmental management practices.

The infographic highlights the ways that schemes could be more effective in delivering benefits for wildlife and the environment.

improving agri-environment schemes infographic

Types of Open Space

There is a wide variety of different types of open space found in urban areas.

This infographic uses the Periodic Table of elements as a design form to show in a clear way a complex range of different types of green, blue, brown and grey space.

types of open space infographic

A Graphic Designer's Work

Graphic designers work on a wide variety of projects to produce outputs for use online and within printed materials.

The infographic visualises the creative work of JONO Design by illustrating the types of projects, software tools and outputs which JONO Design uses.

a graphic designer's work infographic

Themes Changing Our Language

The English vocabulary is constantly evolving in response to new technologies and changes in society.

The infographic displays the main themes that influenced the creation of new words and terms during the 20th Century.

themes changing our language infographic

Air Pollution Removal

Green infrastructure removes harmful pollution from the air, benefiting our health.

The infographic illustrates the amount of air pollution estimated to be removed by green infrastructure in Scotland.

air pollution removal infographic

World Cup Winning Colours

Teams wore strips in a variety of colours at the 2018 Football World Cup.

The infographic takes a playful look at whether colours had an impact on team performances in the tournament.

world cup winning colours infographic

How Much is Invested in Scotland's Parks?

This infographic ahows the amount invested in parks and greenspaces by councils in Scotland, and compares it to their total expenditure.

The parks budget is just a tiny fraction of all council spending, but delivers significant additional benefits.

parks investment infographic

Play Space in Scotland

This infographic illustrates the amount of open space for play and informal recreation provided for children and young people across urban Scotland.

In Scotland as a whole, there are six square metres of play space per child/young person.

play space in Scotland infographic

5 Reasons to Choose Word to Design Documents

This infographic illustrates that Microsoft Word is a popular, practical, customisable, versatile and convenient software choice to design a wide range of documents.

Attractive and professional looking documents can be designed using Word and published online or in print.

choose Word to design documents infographic

Urban Greenspace Functions

The infographic illustrates how Jan Mukarovsky's model of built environment functions could be applied when assessing urban greenspaces.

Applying the model could help to understand the value and quality of our greenspaces by considering how they meet people's needs.

Urban Greenspace Functions infographic

What do Farmers Grow in Scotland?

This infographic illustrates the crops that are grown on farms in Scotland. The areas of land given over to growing crops, such as cereals, vegetables and fruit, are shown in proportion to each other.

Grown in Scotland infographic

Sports Area infographics

These 3 infographics each provide a different way of comparing the size of the play area for a selection of sports. The infographics compare the size and dimensions of various pitches and courts, and also show how many play areas can fit into a hectare.

Sports Area infographics

Great Trails Network Map

The infographic shows the 28 long distance walking routes in Scotland that are classed as Great Trails.

The design of the Great Trails Network Map follows the style of the London Underground map, using the same principles, font and colours.

Great Trails Map infographic

North Sea Fishing

This infographic illustrates the amount of fish caught in the North Sea by different national fleets.

An ISOTYPE technique (use of symbols) shows the sizes of the fishing fleets, plus the estimated weight of fish and shellfish landed.

North Sea Fishing infographic

Impact of Urbanisation on European Wild Land

The infographic illustrates research which has found that half of all land in Europe is 1.5km from a road or railway.

The proximity of urban infrastructure has a negative effect on wildlife. Strategies to protect wild land from inappropriate development are identified.

Urbanisation impact on wild land infographic

Open Space Strategies and Spending on Parks

These 3 infographics highlight the progress of Open Space Strategies in Scotland, comparing this with how council spending on parks has changed over time, and illustrating the importance of keeping strategies up-to-date.

Click on the pictures for larger images. Links will open in a new window.

Infographic - Progress of strategies
Infographic - Spending on parks
Infographic - It pays to keep up to date

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