Falkirk Greenway

The Falkirk Greenway is a concept developed by JONO Design for a new route for pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users that provides safe, level access and street crossings, and connections to important destinations. The infographic illustrates the benefits that the new route would provide: how it links the main visitor attractions to the town centre and rail stations; the length of the route; the new infrastructure and community assets that would be created; and benefits provided by creating new green infrastructure through the urban environment.

Falkirk Greenway and Falkirk East Quarter together form Falkirk Fast Forward - a bold idea to revitalise and reconnect the town centre.

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Falkirk Greenway infographic

The Falkirk Greenway idea

The aim is for the Greenway to reconnect the High Street as the centre of the town by serving as:

  • a new pedestrian and cycle green corridor, connecting the High Street to the train stations and visitor attractions
  • a new attraction in its own right that adds value to Falkirk as a place to visit
  • a new way to provide jobs and skills training, and to engage with communities.

The Falkirk Greenway would provide:

  • a dedicated, safe, accessible and active travel route for walking, cycling and wheeling, that links important destinations
  • a green route with trees, shrubs, planting and swales, separating users from vehicular traffic
  • a multi-functional green infrastructure to reduce flood risk, mitigate air pollution, provide shade, and create wildlife corridors.

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Fast forward Falkirk's future

Falkirk East Quarter and Falkirk Greenway together form Falkirk Fast Forward, a proposal conceived and designed by JONO Design to revitalise and reconnect the town centre, helping to transform Falkirk as a place to live, work and visit.

Falkirk Fast Forward builds on existing development projects and proposals, providing them with a strategic context that focuses on improving and supporting the town centre – bringing people back, supporting business and breathing new life into the heart of the town.

Together, the Falkirk East Quarter and the Falkirk Greenway elements:

  • provide strategic direction for new development
  • support the town centre by increasing footfall
  • connect the town centre to visitor attractions
  • add value by becoming key Falkirk attractions or features in themselves.
Falkirk Greenway route diagram

A new route

The route would create a multi-functional green infrastructure running through the urban environment. Natural landscaping and planting would create linear wildlife corridors, provide rainwater management, and offer health benefits for people by creating shade, improving air quality, and promoting active travel choices.

The proposal would create:

  • 8.4 kilometres of green infrastructure, with a 6-kilometre main circuit
  • 3 bridges that cross over main roads
  • 1 passage under a railway embankment
  • 3 greenspaces along the route
  • 2 pocket parks as part of the reconfiguration of road junctions
  • 2 Greenway Team Hubs to facilitate volunteering and community engagement.
Falkirk Greenway route map
Falkirk Fast Forward
Falkirk Fast Forward PDF

Falkirk Fast Forward booklet

Format: PDF/UA (Universal Accessibility)

Pages: 12

File Size: 1.4MB

The Falkirk Fast Forward booklet presents the Falkirk East Quarter and Falkirk Greenway elements in more detail. Graphics, diagrams and maps are used to illustrate the proposals.

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