5 Reasons to Choose Word to Design Documents

Using Microsoft Word to design your documents is a good choice. The infographic below highlights five reasons why: the software is popular, practical, customisable, versatile and convenient.

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choose Word to design documents infographic

Word is popular

Most organisations already have Microsoft Word as part of the market leading Office Suite of programmes, recognising the boost to productivity that the software provides. Word documents can be shared, revised and updated by people across the organisation and with other partners.

Word is practical

Most people already know how to use Word. This means that they won't need to acquire or learn how to use another specialist graphic design programme to create attractive and professional documents.

Word is customisable

Templates can be designed and created so that documents can be produced, revised and updated again and again. Different people can use templates to produce the same type of document to the same design and standard. Word allows fonts, type sizes, colour themes, styles and page layouts to be formatted as required. Tables, images and graphics can all be easily integrated into any document or template.

Word is versatile

A wide range of documents can be designed in Word, from letterheads and invoices, to reports and forms. Branding can be incorporated into business stationery and promotional materials such as leaflets and bulletins.

Word is convenient

Word documents can easily be saved as PDFs. PDFs compress large files, making them easier to store, to share with others and to publish online. Publishing your document as a PDF makes it available to others while maintaining the form and look that you want. Word can also be used to lay out documents destined for print by creating print-ready PDFs. Using Word avoids the need for specialist graphic design layout software.

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