Growing a Green Economy

Ornamental horticulture and landscaping contribute to the economy, provide jobs, and improve our environment, benefiting people’s health and wellbeing. The infographic below illustrates the range of horticultural goods and services which, taken together, contribute £28.8 billion to the UK economy and support 674,200 jobs. Horticulture skills are important in plant growing, and in designing, creating, managing and maintaining the quality of our public parks and greenspaces. It is estimated that every £1 spent on urban greenspace sees a return of £25 in additional social benefits for local communities. In addition to these social benefits, urban trees provide significant health benefits through their cooling effect, benefits that have been valued at £248 million.

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growing a green economy infographic

UK economy

The ornamental horticulture and landscaping industry covers goods, services and assets related to gardens and gardening, public and private greenspaces, floristry, garden leisure and tourism. It includes the growing and selling of plants and associated goods, and the design, creation, management and maintenance of parks, gardens and greenspaces. Overall, activity in these sectors contributed £28.8 billion to the UK economy in 2019.

Urban greenspace

Horticulture skills are essential in the design, creation, management and maintenance of good quality public parks and greenspaces. Investment in training and people is just as important as investment in the physical infrastructure itself if parks and greenspaces are to be managed and maintained to a good standard in the long term. Investing in urban greenspace provides many additional social benefits to local communities, such as improving physical and mental health and wellbeing. It is estimated that these additional social benefits return £25 for every £1 spent.


The number of jobs supported by ornamental horticulture and landscaping stood at 674,200 in 2019. The types of jobs range from growers and retailers, to landscape architects and garden designers, to gardeners and greenkeepers.

Urban trees

Trees in urban areas provide shading and cooling that can help to mitigate high urban temperatures, creating a more comfortable ambient air temperature. It has been estimated that this saved £248 million in 2017 by reducing the costs associated with loss of labour productivity and reducing use of air conditioning.


The infographic uses a cheerful, illustrative design style to visualise the information about horticulture skills. Each of the four data points is illustrated as a vignette associated with horticulture and landscape services. The text is made to run in different directions, prompting reader curiosity and drawing the reader in to engage with the infographic. The text for each of the four discrete elements of the infographic has been colour-coded to illustrate the different services, skills and jobs involved, and how these translate into wider costed benefits.


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