What do farmers grow in Scotland?

This infographic illustrates the area of land in Scotland that is farmed to grow crops, including barley, wheat, potatoes, vegetables and fruit.

Each segment in the chart shows the hectares of land given over to the main crop types in proportion to each other. The overall amount of land farmed for fruit and vegetables is broken down further to show the types of produce in each of these two categories in more detail.

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Grown in Scotland infographic

Crop farming in Scotland

Cereal crops, such as barley, wheat and oats, account for the largest area of farmed land in Scotland, and are worth £308 million.

Barley is the largest single crop in Scotland and accounts for 28% of the area given over to growing this cereal in the UK. While barley does not yield the same value per hectare when compared to other crops like fruit and vegetables, it is an essential ingredient for the Whisky industry, which is worth £3.8 billion to the economy.

When compared to cereals and vegetables, the area given over to growing fruit is quite small. However, the value of the sector, at £115 million, demonstrates the importance of its contribution to the agricultural economy.

Incidentally, 'calabrese' is a type of broccoli!


Scottish Government (2017). Agriculture Facts and Figures.


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