Historic Buildings in Danger

The Scottish Buildings at Risk Register monitors properties of historic or architectural interest that are vacant or in a state of disrepair. Some 2300 buildings are currently on the Register, and of these, 160 are in a critical condition and in danger of being demolished. The infographic illustrates the local authority areas in which these 'critical' buildings are located and highlights that almost three quarters are found in a rural setting. The monitoring of properties on the Register shows that, since 1990, buildings have been demolished, or restored and saved, at a ratio of 4:1.

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historic buildings in danger infographic

Buildings at risk - condition

The Scottish Buildings at Risk Register has collated information about historic buildings at risk since 1990. Buildings are categorised according to their condition, from ‘minimal’ (the property is vacant but in good condition) to ‘critical’ (the property is in such poor condition that it is threatened with demolition). At the time of writing, there are 160 buildings in the critical category, 7% of the total number of properties on the Register.

Buildings at risk - location

The infographic illustrates the distribution of critical buildings across the 32 Scottish local authority areas. The five local authorities with the most buildings are highlighted on the infographic, and together account for 60% of all properties that are categorised as being in a critical condition.

The five local authorities with the most critical buildings are largely rural in character. Therefore, it is not surprising that the majority of properties in a critical condition, almost 75%, are in a rural setting.

Buildings at risk - outcomes

A building remains on the Buildings at Risk Register until it has been restored and brought back into active use or has been demolished. The Register also records the number of buildings that have been restored and saved, as well as the number demolished and lost. The data shows that since 1990, for every building that is restored or converted and brought back into use, four others are demolished and lost.

At the the time of gathering the data for the infographic, one building categorised as being in a critical condition was undergoing restoration. This property has not been included in the infographic as it is no longer in danger of demolition.



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