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Do you want well designed, good quality documents, publications and marketing materials that are distinctive?

Do you need to be able to update published documents to keep them current?

Do you need to be able to regularly publish information to the same standard and style?


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Graphic Design Services

JONO Design provides graphic design services for the creation of documents, templates, branding and infographics, and specialises in designing using Microsoft Office software - Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Sway.

JONO Design also regularly uses Adobe Creative Suite software - Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Acrobat - to create graphic assets and incorporate them into the design of Word and PowerPoint outputs, and to design of infographics.

In addition, JONO Design uses Adobe software to create publications and marketing materials where desired.

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To get an overview of the different types of work JONO Design has produced, the software used and the formats of outputs, see 'A Graphic Designer's Work' infographic.

Document Design

JONO Design uses MS Word to design documents so that they are ready to publish. These include reports, policies and plans, best practice guides, case studies, forms, guidance notes, newsletters, booklets, posters, leaflets and flyers.

JONO Design takes your text and images and applies your brand style to create high quality and attractive publications.

JONO Design can convert your PDFs into MS Word, a format where they can be redesigned and updated, ready for you and your team to reuse.

document design service


JONO Design can create Microsoft Word and PowerPoint templates so that documents, stationery and marketing materials can be produced to a consistent style and quality.

Your logo, styles and colours built into each template, integrating your unique brand identity.

PowerPoint templates can be used to create not only posters, but also images for your website, your blog and across your social media platforms.

templates design service

Brand Identity

JONO Design can help you develop your brand identity by creating logos, colour palettes, graphics and the accompanying style guide.

A style guide sets out how to apply your logo, colours, fonts and layout styles - creating a consistent look that supports brand recognition.

JONO Design can also create graphic assets for your brand or for individual projects, so that they represent your organisation and communicate your project aims.

branding design service


JONO Design creates infographics that transform your data, information and knowledge into visual forms, maximising impact.

A well designed infographic helps to communicate your key messages and reveal your findings to your audience in a simple and memorable way.

Infographics are persuasive, increase brand awareness and are easy to incorporate into publications and share online.

infographic design service

Accessible online documents and publications

JONO Design creates well-structured Word documents and templates in your brand style, that are designed for accessibility.

Designing documents with accessibility in mind means that your publications are easy to navigate and usable by the widest possible audience. MS Word provides a number of formatting options and tools that make it a good choice for designing accessible documents for viewing electronically.

JONO Design can then use these Word documents as source files to produce accessible PDFs and HTML content.

accessible documents

Read JONO Design's 10 top tips for creating a properly formatted Word document that is optimised for accessibility.

Attractive and professional looking documents, templates and marketing materials can be designed using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Choosing Word and PowerPoint provides you with a flexible design solution that offers a number of benefits:

Why design using Word and PowerPoint?

By designing using Word and PowerPoint, JONO Design creates high quality documents and marketing materials that keep you in control and reduce your costs in the long term.

versatile document design using MS Word
  • the software is familiar, so you already have an understanding of how to use them
  • easy to update and refresh documents as the need arises, reducing costs
  • there is no need for specialist software to make changes, such as adding a new web address
  • templates allow publications to be produced to the same standard by everyone across your organisation
  • the built-in features of Word provide the tools for creating accessible documents and PDFs
  • a wide range of documents and marketing materials can be created, including reports, letterheads, forms, newsletters, leaflets, posters, presentations and social media assets
  • Word documents can be saved as PDFs to publish your work in print and online
  • PowerPoint can produce images for your website, blog and other online platforms.

To find out more about why it is a good idea to use Word, see the '5 Reasons to Choose Word to Design Documents' infographic.

infographic design service

What clients say about JONO Design

JONO Design had done a great and efficient job
greenspace scotland
We were really pleased with the attention to detail and the flexible, iterative approach

To find out more about the top reasons that clients work with and value JONO Design, see the 'Why Choose JONO Design?' infographic.

Choose JONO Design and you can expect great customer service, attractive, flexible and innovative graphic design solutions, and high-quality results.

But don't just take our word for it. Read what clients have said about what it's like to work with JONO Design.

The service ... has been of the highest standard, from start to finish
Aberdeenshire Council

JONO Design works with public sector organisations, charities and businesses, including:

Aberdeenshire Council
St Andrew's West church
greenspace scotland
Aberdeenshire Community Planning Partnership
Historic Environment Scotland
Clye Marine Planning Partnership
Paths for All
Scottish Marine Environmental Enhancement Fund
The River Dee Trust
John Muir Trust
CG Research
Lambert Smith Hampton
Scotland's Moorland Forum

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