Falkirk Fast Forward

Falkirk Fast Forward is a bold idea to revitalise and reconnect the town centre of Falkirk, located in central Scotland halfway between Edinburgh and Glasgow. It consists of two elements - Falkirk East Quarter and Falkirk Greenway. Together, these will help to transform Falkirk as a place to live, work and visit

Falkirk Fast Forward builds on existing development projects and proposals, providing them with a strategic context that focuses on improving and supporting the town centre – bringing people back, supporting business, and breathing new life into the heart of the town.

Falkirk Fast Forward
Falkirk Fast Forward - impression of East Quarter and Greenway

Fast forward Falkirk's future

Like many places, Falkirk town centre has been in decline for a number of years. Shops have closed, and businesses and offices have moved away, reducing footfall and making it even harder for businesses in the town centre to prosper. Fewer shops and facilities in turn reduces the ability of the town centre to attract people and new investment. While this trend affects many places, the cycle of decline in Falkirk has been deepened by the move away of council office jobs that would otherwise bring people into the town centre. Even so, the town centre still has retail, food and drink, and service businesses that need to be supported if they are to survive.

Falkirk has a lot to offer that can help to reverse the decline of the town centre and, with some work, can create a better future.

There are many projects and proposals that will shape new development across Falkirk. What is lacking is an overall framework or strategy that focuses on putting the town centre back at the heart of the community.

Together, the Falkirk East Quarter and the Falkirk Greenway elements:

  • provide strategic direction for new development
  • support the town centre by increasing footfall
  • connect the town centre to visitor attractions
  • add value by becoming key Falkirk attractions or features in themselves.

Falkirk today

Falkirk is the sixth largest urban settlement in Scotland and sits in a strategic position in the heart of the Central Belt – providing a large potential customer base for the retail, services and leisure industries.

Populations of the six largest urban settlements in Scotland

Two train stations provide regular connections to Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling. There are also daily inter-city and sleeper services north to Inverness and south to London.

Direct train connections.

Falkirk has first class visitor attractions that put it on the map and attract visitors from far and wide.

Main visitor attractions in Falkirk

However, these positive aspects of Falkirk do not currently maximise the potential benefits to the town centre:

  • it is difficult to navigate from the train stations to the visitor attractions, or even to the town centre
  • the main visitor attractions are all outwith the town centre and are not well connected to it, so visitors do not venture into the centre and businesses do not benefit from any additional footfall
  • the retail sector appears to under-rate Falkirk in terms of the size of the potential market.
Falkirk Greenway
Falkirk East Quarter

Falkirk Fast Forward is a bold idea to revitalise and reconnect the town centre. It consists of two elements: Falkirk East Quarter and Falkirk Greenway.

The Falkirk Fast Forward booklet presents the Falkirk East Quarter and Falkirk Greenway elements in more detail. Graphics, diagrams and maps are used to illustrate the proposals.

Falkirk Fast Forward booklet

Format: PDF/UA (Universal Accessibility)

Pages: 12

File Size: 1.4MB

Falkirk Fast Forward PDF

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