A Graphic Designer's Work

Ever wondered what a graphic designer does all day? The infographic below illustrates the creative work of JONO Design. The infographic illustrates the amount of time spent on different projects, the different software tools used and the different file formats for the project outputs. It highlights the variety of creative projects and the range of graphic design and layout tools involved.

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a graphic designer's work infographic


The infographic displays data on design work using three charts: one hierarchy chart and two pie charts. A hierarchy chart shows each datapoint within the context of the whole, and within sub-categories, placing the largest categories at the top. Pie charts show proportions of a whole, where the numbers add up to 100%.

Within the charts, green colours represent work done using Adobe graphics software, while shades of orange relate to work using Microsoft Office software, and grey to outputs that can be created using either.


The hierarchy chart illustrates the time spent on different types of design project. There are four main categories: ‘Graphic Design’, ‘Document Design’, ‘Templates’ and ‘Guides’. Each main category has a number of sub-categories that indicate the type of projects undertaken.

A large amount of time spent on creative work involves use of Microsoft Office software to design documents, templates and guides. Projects in these categories include the design and layout of publications and the creation of templates for documents, leaflets, business stationery and images. Other projects include converting PDFs to Word so that documents can be updated and re-designed, and providing style guides for applying branding and guides for using templates.

While JONO Design specialises in designing using Microsoft Word, the chart demonstrates that half of the time spent on project work uses Adobe graphics software, creating infographics, diagrams, image files and print-ready PDFs. For example, logos and icons are created using Adobe Illustrator.

Software Tools

The pie chart on the left shows that there is almost a fifty-fifty split between the amount of time spent using Adobe and using Microsoft Office software. Microsoft Word [W] is the largest category, reflecting the specialist design services offered by JONO Design. The next largest category is Adobe Illustrator [Ai] used to create vector graphics, including infographics, logos and other visual assets.

Microsoft PowerPoint [P] is used to create branded presentation and image templates, while Excel [X] is used to create charts to display data within publications and infographics.

Adobe Photoshop [Ps] is used to create and enhance photos that can be used within publications and also as stand-alone images. InDesign [Id] is used for design and layout of projects that are not intended to be updated by the user, such as creating leaflets and banners. Acrobat is used when converting PDFs to Word and also in the creation of PDFs, particularly where the output is to go to a professional printer.

Output Formats

The second pie chart demonstrates that half of the output of project work is in the form of a Word document. This includes a lot of the ‘Graphic Design’ work indicated in the hierarchy chart, that uses Adobe software, to create graphic elements that are incorporated into the design and layout of Word documents, such as icons and footers.

Outputs in image formats, such as JPEG and PNG, are graphic assets that can be applied in future documents and online resources by the client. PDFs include those created from Word documents for online publication, and also print-ready PDFs.

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